History and nature


Ohama Swimming Beach

A beautiful beach that was selected as one of Japan’s 100 Best Swimming Beaches.
There is a free campground next to the beach. You can enjoy barbecue while watching the sunset. The campground has showers, field kitchen and restrooms that make you spend time comfortably. You can rent tents and mess kits.
Inquiry: Uku Administration Center 0959-57-3111

Uku Sunrise Marine Park

This is the second biggest swimming beach on the island. This popular marine sports spot has a restaurant, showers, restrooms and parking lots.


Hirahara Golf Link

This is a vast golf link with natural grass. It’s open 24 hours for free. You should be attracted by its unique courses.

Tsushimase Lighthouse

A lighthouse located on the northernmost of Ukujima Island. You can look out over the sea including Iki Island and Tsushima Island. While walking to the lighthouse, you can forget your everyday life and enjoy beautiful nature that is only seen in this island.


Jogadake Lookout Point

It is located in the center of the island and it’s the highest place here. You can see Hirado Island, Ikitsuki Island, Iki Island and Tsushima Island from the top of Jogadake, a.k.a. Gotofuji.

Kojima Shrine

Taira no Kiyomori built this shrine to dedicate divided spirit of Udo Shrine. You can see a portable shrine at the Gion Festival in summer.