Welcome to Ukujima Island

    Not just for a resort.
    Blue sky and a beautiful beach. They are not remarkable in Japan that is surrounded by the sea. In Ukujima Island, you can come in contact with a variety of legends, such as the remains of the Kofun period, folklore of a mythological age, the Japanese envoy to the Tang Dynasty and the history of the Heike family. Do you want to relax at a resort and also set out on an adventure? 24㎢ filled with tons of excitement is waiting for you.


    Luxury within your usual budget

    Arrive at an attractive island in a luxury passenger ship and enjoy golf with a wonderful view, take a bath that overlooks the sea, and then have great seafood. Did you know that there is an island that you can enjoy a tour for 20,000 yen including the transportation fee? It’s the northernmost island of Goto Islands, Ukujima Island that is 4 hours away from Hakata Port. Uku Sea Park Hotel is the only hotel on the island. We’ll receive you cordially with free amazing places to visit.



    Enjoy the sea to the fullest

    Although Japanese people are used to beautiful seas, even Okinawan people are amazed at the wonderful beaches in Ukujima Island. Since it’s an isolated island, you can enjoy such a beautiful beach and serenity as if it were a private beach. It doesn’t mean it’s desolate. It has showers, restrooms and dressing rooms. The beach is well-equipped like ones in Hawaii. Our guests can fully enjoy those beaches.


    Ohama, located in Saikai National Park, is called the best beach in the island. Whenever you visit there, you should be mesmerized by the beautiful gradation of color from white to deep blue from the beach to the sea. This beach looks most beautiful when the sun sets. It’s like a gift for our guests from the island.
    This beach is popular as a swimming beach in summer. You can also enjoy the seashore and a rocky tract to see beautiful creatures living in the sea. There is also a campground with stoves, so you can have a barbecue here.


    Sunrise Marine Park

    This beach was originally called Suge-hama. It’s as stylish as its new name. A row of palm trees stretches for 500m. There is a tiled area around the seashore that is like a beach resort in a tropical country. You can enjoy many kinds of water sports, such as a Jet Ski and canoe.



    Not just for relaxation


    The only golf link on the island, Hirahara Golf Link was made with a vast grassy plain by a golf fan. This orthodox golf link likened to St. Andrews has some distinguish courses like one that you need to hit a shot over the sea. Surprisingly, you can play golf here for free.



    Ukujima Island is one of the best fishing spots in Japan. Koshikisansho and other great fishing places always attract fishing fans. Catch a big fish? Catch many fish? Big fish is not rare here. If you are a fishing lover, you should have a wonderful fishing experience.


    Shirahama Campground contiguous to Ohama is free to use. Since it has a field kitchen, you can enjoy barbecue easily. Of course, this kitchen is also free. We prepare barbecue for you at reasonable price. Count on us.



    Sea Park Hotel connects with a marina. If you come here by a cruiser, you can get to the hotel directly from the ship. You can not only stay overnight but also take a bath or just take a rest at the hotel in the middle of your cruising. (Inquiry required)


    Various styles of your stay

    Our planner suggests good plans according to your request

    We suggest good plans for not only a resort travel but also different purposes.
    You can stay here for business, training camp etc.

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